Dunkirk: No escape from sublimity

Just when I thought that after giving us The Dark Knight and Interstellar, Christopher Nolan has added another masterful piece of work to his record. Stepping out of his usual intricate film forte, he delivers another opus in Dunkirk, which he also wrote and co-produced with wife and long-time collaborator Emma Thomas. Based on real events, Dunkirk is set in the midst of the World War II as the men involved set out for one thing that seems impossible– survival. The film follows three narratives – the mole, the sea, and the air – which encompass different time lengths, composed of British soldiers stuck on Dunkirk beach, fighter pilots who come to ensure their safety, and three brave men who want to help in the adverse escape.

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The Wonder of La La Land

“People love what other people are passionate about. You remind people of what they forgot.”

If I were to take away one phrase from La La Land that showed me how great a film it was, it would be that line by Mia (Emma Stone), even though it was said during a tough time in the film. There was a time where La La Land received a lot of criticism, and I have to admit that if you don’t love it, it’s a film that is very easy to hate. Despite that, I knew deep in my heart that this film was special – so special that I watched it in the cinemas twice (the last time I did that was for Avengers in 2012). I’ve seen it a couple of times since then, and I can’t help but think in my mind all the things that made this film as lovely as it is; and it’s time I wrote it all down.

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Pinoys’ NBA Teams: Backings and Bandwagons

One of my fondest memories of the NBA was watching Game 4 of the 2007 Championship Finals, when the San Antonio Spurs held off the Cleveland Cavaliers for the sweep and win their fourth-ever NBA title. Back then LeBron James was still ascending to kingship and was humbled by San Antonio’s now aged veterans, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. Replays of the game often showed up on Basketball TV at night, and if I had the time I would watch it again. I’ve been supporting the Spurs ever since, so you can imagine my joy when they won it once more in 2014, again beating LeBron (who was then in the Miami Heat and had won the title twice) with the help of stellar trio again and rising star Kawhi Leonard. Looking back, it was curious to think that having never been to the United States, I would grow attached to this team. I have family in New York, but don’t count on me (nor they) watching Knicks games, so I wonder how else do Filipinos choose the NBA teams they support – given that our love basketball is unmatched, and the distance doesn’t stop us from watching their games.

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Christopher Nolan and the Neo-Noir

Christopher Nolan has been a growing figure in the film industry since the turn of the century. With iconic films such as Memento (2000), Insomnia (2002), Inception (2010), and The Dark Knight trilogy, Nolan has established himself as an expert in noir films, often encapsulating themes of philosophy, mentality, temporality, and delving into modern thrillers. This following focuses on how Nolan transpired the neo-noir genre, while incorporating aspects recognizable among all his films.

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Quezon City Government Files Ordinance On Street-Level Sexual Harassment

by Kristofer Purnell

(Header Photo: Tarpaulins warning people about sexual harassment located along Commonwealth Avenue)

MANILA, Philippines – Quezon City’s Gender and Development (GAD) Council passed an ordinance to reduce catcalling and other forms of street-level sexual harassment toward women.

The ordinance, authored by Councilor Lena Marie Juico, aims to raise support for women who are victims of sexual harassment, human trafficking, and pornography, and to increase women’s safety in public spaces in Quezon City.

Upon implementation, Quezon City is expected to have a decreased risk of sexual harassment, and women may enjoy safety and comfort public.

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FEU Clinches Solo Third After AdU Thriller; ADMU Go Top

by Kristofer Purnell

(Header Photo: The FEU Lady Tamaraws celebrate their win over Adamson)

MANILA, Philippines – The Far Eastern University Lady Tamaraws overcame the Adamson University Lady Falcons in a thrilling 4-set game while defending champions Ateneo de Manila Lady Eagles went to the top spot of the UAAP Season 78 women’s volleyball tournament after defeating the University of the East Lady Warriors last Wednesday, April 6 at the FilOil Flying V Arena.

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Lady Archers and Lady Eagles Clinch Twice-To-Beat Seeds

by Kristofer Purnell

(Header Photo: The Ateneo Lady Eagles huddle during their game against Adamson University)

MANILA, Philippines – Fierce rivals DLSU Lady Archers and ADMU Lady Eagles clinched twice-to-beat seeds in the UAAP Season 78 women’s volleyball tournament after wins over the UE Lady Warriors and AdU Lady Falcons respectively last Saturday, April 2 at the MOA Arena.

All four teams started the next half of the tournament’s second round after coming from the Holy Week break. Both DLSU and ADMU remain undefeated in the second round and are tied for top spot with 10-2 standings.

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