Pinoys’ NBA Teams: Backings and Bandwagons

One of my fondest memories of the NBA was watching Game 4 of the 2007 Championship Finals, when the San Antonio Spurs held off the Cleveland Cavaliers for the sweep and win their fourth-ever NBA title. Back then LeBron James was still ascending to kingship and was humbled by San Antonio’s now aged veterans, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. Replays of the game often showed up on Basketball TV at night, and if I had the time I would watch it again. I’ve been supporting the Spurs ever since, so you can imagine my joy when they won it once more in 2014, again beating LeBron (who was then in the Miami Heat and had won the title twice) with the help of stellar trio again and rising star Kawhi Leonard. Looking back, it was curious to think that having never been to the United States, I would grow attached to this team. I have family in New York, but don’t count on me (nor they) watching Knicks games, so I wonder how else do Filipinos choose the NBA teams they support – given that our love basketball is unmatched, and the distance doesn’t stop us from watching their games.

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